365 – 1

It’s fall, and it’s almost my birthday and I’m thinking back on this past year and all the events (  good, great  and not so good ) that have happened in the last 364 days….

I’m thinking about all that I have learned from all the people who have come into my world. At the click of a key on my computer I can be in touch with almost anyone ,anywhere .  I can access information and ask a question and have it be answered immediately. And I am in AWE …  It can only get better and I can only grow DSC_3396DSC_3394 like this sunflower.  DSC_3389And I’m excited.

5 thoughts on “365 – 1

    • Hi Suzanne.. Love it when you come all the way over to my side and check in .. Yes this year I was determined to grow sunflowers that would tower high in the sky and stare cheerfully into the neighbourhood. Exceeded my expectations with these ones I think because of the soil. Lots of compost from my garden. And every time I looked at them they made me happy. Can hardly wait to do it again next year.

    • Suzi I have a funny memory of me playing a sunflower in a school concert when I was 6. I think I had on a huge crepe paper flower around my face ( when I think about it now I laugh ) , that was tied under my chin. I stood behind a picket fence and all I had to do was smile. Must be coming back around again in life 🙂

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