Fall Things To Do In My Town

In my part of the world you can tell there’s a change in the season for sure by the colour of the leaves.

DSC_3906These  days it’s all about shorter days, longer nights and falling leaves.

The sun is losing it’s power to keep us warm without a jacket , but when it’s out, it is so appreciated, and we CAN’T GET ENOUGH .  For me right now it’s all about bike riding over crisp leaves and watching the pumpkins turn orange.


With Halloween around the corner , ( a week away !), the neighbourhood is getting itself ready for little people dressed up in costume to Trick or Treat.  I’ll wait to buy my bag of mini chocolate bars and chips.  If I get them too soon ,some seem to go missing ……..Then I worry there aren’t enough for the kids in the neighbourhood, and end up buying more…..You know what I mean.

IMG_4953 IMG_4872IMG_4871

Lots of end of season Farmer’s Markets pop up with produce to sell.  Locally grown, personally nourished, harvested, and brought to market only a few miles from their point of  origin.  I had the best Honey Crisp apple of my life 2 weekends ago at http://jamesbaymarket.com/. This piece of fruit was as big as a grapefruit.  Honestly I struggled to finish it because it’s size, and I barely had room for supper by the time dinner rolled around.  Need I say the flavour was incredible.  How sorry I was that I only bought one to munch as I shopped the rest of the market.

An all time crowd pleaser for us is the McNabb Corn Maze.  An annual  MUST GO TO  that both the adults and kids love..

I’m seeing lots of yards in the neighbourhood  that are decorated with tombstones and cobwebs, but my favourite are the real thing.DSC_3332DSC_3333

Morning moisture seems to have made these natural cobwebs stand out in my yard. The pictures never do justice to all the hard work put in to building them, and although I never seem to see the spiders ‘ at home ‘, but they certainly look to me like they are ready for business at the first light of day.

I think my favourite all time thing to do comes about once a year on the day AFTER Halloween.  We have a stretch of road where I live called The Shady Mile on Jingle Pot Road and the day AFTER Halloween it is the local custom to take your  finished Jack o Lantern and  leave it somewhere on this stretch of road.  Positioned on fence posts or on tree stumps along this unlit stretch of country road.  Someone seems to magically go out before dark and light candles in all the pumpkins.  And when you drive along this stretch of road following Halloween, there sit all the carved pumpkins lit and smiling ( or grimacing ) to mark the way.  The stretch of abandoned pumpkins gets longer and longer from year to year and it is truly amazing.

Because it’s all about autumn harvest there’s also the http://www.nanaimopumpkinfestival.com/.  Pumpkins as big as small cars are brought in on forklifts for the annual weigh off.


When the sun shines and casts it’s light through the leaves, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

IMG_4769This is a good day,                      DSC_3922

But this is more often the case at this time of year.

From my world in this blog circle to my friend Vickie Martin’s world.  Come check out Fall Things To Do In Her Townhttp://vickiemartin.net/blog

And Happy Halloween ..IMG_4934


13 thoughts on “Fall Things To Do In My Town

  1. Thanks for sharing Sandy. I loved hearing about all the wonderful fall activities you’re up to, such a great time of year!

  2. How fun to leave your jack along Shady Mile with all the others in your community. It’s as though they are all coming back together to the pumpkin patch! Thanks for sharing!

    • Michelle, I can’t tell if I just love Autumn so much because of how beautiful all the colours are, or if it’s your birthday month and you just ‘feel right’ in the month you came alive, but I LOVE October. So glad you came by for a read and a peek.

    • You know Robin, I’m going to take a picture of that strip of road this year and see if it’s does it justice. Watch for a short post Halloween post. It truly is incredible. Tx for coming by to say hi ….

    • I know Amy. Should have taken a pic of that apple . No one would believe how huge it was ..! I think I can officially go out today and get my mini chocolate bars and chips. Only 2 more days to the big night.

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  4. Great post Sandy. I really enjoy your blog “voice” and the unfolding of your story. I love the tradition of leaving your pumpkin along the stretch of road after Halloween – what a great experience that would be to travel down that road with all the pumpkins lit up! xx

    • So glad you came by Ginger. I was sorry I didn’t include a picture of the road with the pumpkins. It truly is amazing to see, and to see all the cars driving slowly along this stretch to see the literally HUNDREDS of pumpkins is amazing.

  5. Love love love your blog background. It is fresh and pretty. I also enjoyed reading your post.( It has been far too long since I got around to reading my flying sisters blogs.) I kind of let the summer get away from me. I am so glad i stopped by. Fall is one of my favorite times of year and I love to celebrate it’s beauty. Great job!

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