The Little Things

A short and quick post .  I’m just back from having spent a short time away with my family in the land of sun and sand.  It was such a rejuvenating experience because this is what I’m mostly seeing out my window at this time of year.


It’s not cold but it’s pretty grey looking..


 I was lucky enough to escape the bleakness even for a few days and ended up looking out at this ….

Standing on the beach when I looked one way ….


And the other way….


The beach was so vast and unoccupied , I couldn’t help but feel small in relation to all that there is in the world.

Just before we went to leave and arrive home to this :


I took one last walk along the beach and randomly gathered a few teeny tiny shells.



I wrapped them in a piece of kleenex .tucked them into the toe of a shoe in my suitcase for safe transport ,  …

And this is what I discovered completely by accident when I unwrapped them at home.



How incredible is that .

17 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Beautiful Sandy. Your sun holiday looks just about perfect, including the little bit of love you found on the beach. Your snow picture looks like my back yard right now, though I have to admit it’s a beautiful winter wonderland in comparison to the usual grey rainy skies! Hope you’re feeling rejuvenated. xox

    • Hi Ginger, so glad you popped in.. I knew I couldn’t let this month go by when I just loved the concept of celebrating the little things… And then I found this shell when I got home. And that was it. Had to share.. Yes to the fresh look of snow… And now it’s time for the tulips don’t you think ? XX

  2. You see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear. You dig? You see love because you look through loving eyes. I heart you!

    • It goes back to the very first post on my blog really with the video of Haley Bartholemew’s.. It truly is everywhere isn’t it ? Just packed a stack of love into that trip, so there it was , all around. I’ll treasure my little heart shell forever. XX And back at you 🙂

  3. Sandy, I’m so glad that you got to escape the bleakness of your winter, the dark grey skies in exchange for sand, warmth and sun with family… how awesome. But I must admit that I love the photo of the snow too. 🙂 Loved the photo of your shadow against the sandy beach. Heavenly. xo

    • Already saving for next year Vickie ( says she watching the snow falling from the living room window ). Just saying again, finding that she’ll with the heart on it when I got home was pure magic . So glad you came by . Tx …. Xxx

    • Slow to respond here Vickie, so glad you came by to read.. That wonderful holiday is a faint memory drowning in all the rain we’ve had lately and the perfect reminder to take lots of pictures when you’re on holiday. That way you can relive the holiday over and over. Already saving for next year .

  4. I noticed the heart right away, how special is that?! Really like the photo of your shadow — long — in contrast to the “tiny” treasures you found. Bleak winters and beach photos both work for me. Wonderful little piece of sharing here.

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