Thinking in Pink


I recently submitted an article and sample of my art for publication.  Yes it was an opportunity for us as artists to showcase our work, but the interesting basis of the submission  was that we were asked to write about the colour palette we had chosen for the particular piece we were submitting.    We were asked to describe why we had chosen that palette and what affect generally colour has on our work .

I wouldn’t really consider myself a pink person .


Not that I don’t like pink and I have articles of clothing in my wardrobe that are pink. I use pinks in my work . But it is just one of the many colours I tap into and for sure not to the exclusion of other colours.

And  I do enjoy seeing pink in the palette of my garden .   But the process of writing about the choice of my particular palette for the submission piece got me thinking about where our colour inspiration comes from.

How much of what we ‘ see ‘ in our everyday lives influences us in our work?   Do we choose from a conscious level or a subconscious level?


As humans our eyes are feasting on colour and shapes all the time and I’m assuming these images feed into the file folders of our minds as artistic reference. But personal preference for colour must come from somewhere else.  Why we choose to use certain palettes of colour when we pick up our paintbrushes makes me pause.

DSC_5695 DSC_5914 DSC_5706

These are the colours that greet me when I walk out my door right now.  My Spring garden is full of pink ( or so it seems ).


My minds eye is being virtually assaulted with pink.


Pink Tulips.


Pink Parrot Tulip.


So it seems like I can’t escape the influence of the colour pink.

Whether it’s from the giant blossoms of the rhododendrum or the dripping petals of the camelia, it’s what my mind is taking in every time I walk out the door. Greens of course too as the backdrop to all the pink. But undoubtedly PINK is the dominant colour.

Does my subconscious lean into this colour or mearly skip over it without consequence because it’s not necessarily a colour I would identify with.  Is it the pink of the cherry blossoms that herald the end of winter that make pink stand out after endless days of grey overhead that marks the beginning of the visual invasion of pink?

What colours do we identify with and why?


Pink Azalea


Pink Camelia


I stood this morning and looked at these more deeper pinks that almost blend to an intensity of purple .  I looked at the palest of pink that faded to white.  The margins of the pale pink that had a tinge of yellow along the edge. Even the blueberry blossoms start out pink.


I almost can’t avoid the mental influence of pink.


These pink tree peony are at eye level on my way daily trek to the compost .


But it’s still pink.

Even this little weed I found against the garage is pink !



I’m off to the studio today and have to say, I’m going to be curious what colours I’ll be drawn to use.

Oh and by the way the piece of art I submitted for publication was done using a palette of yellows.  I love yellow.  I painted my bedroom as a child a beautiful shade of pale butter yellow. But I don’t always default to yellow.

Maybe the palettes we’re drawn to are just that. References from our outside world that settle into a place in our mind’s eye.  I use all sorts of different palettes. I just know when I’m setting up if it feels right or not. I go with my gut instinct.  Can’t be influenced or it just doesn’t work.

Articulating my thoughts as accompaniment to my piece of art was a good exercise to be curious about the how’s and whys of colour and it’s influence.  I’m feeling more of a pale green, watery ocean blue bubbling up inside today.  Wonder where that’s coming from .. No matter , I’m going with it.  I’ll bypass the pink , enjoy the view , and move along.


7 thoughts on “Thinking in Pink

  1. Wonderful post! I am so glad the colours around you right now are influencing you. That’s what nature is meant to do. It’s only our modern urban world that meant it’s no longer a survival skill, meant we can control what we see at will. Colour reflects mood and mood is like the weather, different to the underlying landscape but part if the atmosphere. Love it, love your garden and your happy yellows and aquatic blue greens. We are influenced by what’s around us, it’s simply artists notice more. Bravo! 😉

    • Insightful wisdom Suzi. Having said that I’m not a pink person, I really do like the shades of pink that nature seems to pull together so beautifully in a garden on a canvas of green. The giant blossoms of the rhododendron that show up on our Spring landscape here on the Coast, are truly a feast for our eyes after the long grey winter days. Wondering now if they were intentionally transported here as cuttings from migrant Europeans challenged by the constancy of green. Hmmm, must delve more into that.

  2. Such insightful wisdom Suzi. And yes it must be the artist in me that would rather examine the shades of nature in the palette of hues offered up in the produce isle of the grocery store than think of these objects as food.

    • Thanks for stopping by to read and comment Ellie. And yes what is it about our spring gardens that we bath them in pink. Big thanks to the compliment on my photos. Can’t go wrong taking pictures in a garden can you ..

    • So glad you came by Ellie. I was just out in the garden taking some more pictures yesterday and seeing even more pink . Refreshing and cheerful for sure. Thanks for your kind words about my photos. I feel like almost can’t go wrong when the flowers are so beautiful ..

  3. Sandy, I love the splash of pink in your flower gardens. It looks absolutely perfect. Thank you for blessing us with these beautiful photos. Pink often will remind me of my mother-in-law she loved pink.

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