Welcome Wiston

Welcome Home Mouse

If you have been following along in the evolutionary story of mymouse and read my last blog post, you will know that a mouse has been popping up in my watercolour art for about 6 months now. To be honest I’m not sure where he came from and I wasn’t sure how long he would be around. That’s what our creative muse is all about.

I’ve been posting some of his pictures on Instagram and on my art facebook page , but I haven’t made mention of him here until I shared how he was pieced together in my last blog entry titled ” The Making of a Mouse “.. I get the feeling he’s here to stay and I’m giving him the time and energy he deserves with great delight.  Until now he has gone nameless.

I think I realized at some point I needed to lift him off the pages of my watercolour world and create a companion to travel with with when I went to my sketching and painting retreat in France.  But of course I hadn’t yet named him when he and I packed our bags and started our travels . No surprise that along the way when he was introduced to people, they would ask about his name ?  ” What , no name ?”.

And so started the quest to establish who or what he could or should be called.  I was only able to refer to him as ‘mymouse’ for so long.

Because he came to life around the experience of my French trip, there seemed to be an inclination to want to attach a French name to him by everyone who was meeting him for the first time.  But it just didn’t seem right to me somehow.  I wanted a unique name that spoke of  JOURNEY, and STORY TELLING, and ADVENTURE . Something mythical, or had Greek God like status.  Or maybe Latin?

Nothing came.

I had searched IMG_8223




Nothing was sitting with me that would answer WHO he was.

We arrived home, unpacked and nothing was coming to me . Nothing .



Waiting and waiting.

After all that searching and thinking and thinking, I began to wonder if just the right name would ever appear.

And then it arrived in a flash of inspiration.  Nothing GRAND , simple  but true . He is me.  He has come from me and through me and all I needed to do was go back to my roots and there it was .


South of Glasgow, East of Ayr.  



The small village of  Wiston in South Lanarkshire , Scotland where my paternal grandfather was born and whose name I was given at birth. Sandy Mair.  That’s what he would be called. ‘ Wiston ‘.




So welcome home Wiston. Your life is just beginning .  Let the adventures commence.



Now we can start telling the stories of your trip and share some of the photos of your first official journey.


13 thoughts on “Welcome Wiston

    • Hi Robin, so glad you left a comment. Now when I look at his saggy whiskers I can see he looks a little worse for wear after his big trip. He has been fun to create I admit and we have more than enough stories to share, so stay tuned.

  1. I sense that Wiston will be making his appearance in many places in our world, in so many different ways. Loved how you were inspired to name it. He has the perfect name, it really suits him. 🙂

    • Thanks Suzanne. He has now settled into my watercolour art it seems and in the world as my companion with a closet full of clothes. I’m so delighted to finally be able to refer to him by a name that clearly has meaning to the both of us, and it was fun to share the evolution of the process.

  2. It’s so lovely to read how Wiston got his name. He’s more than simply a Mouse, he is you. Through you and for you like Kahlil Gibran. It’s quite amazing that you can create images and 3D creations of him that can accompany you along your way. I do hope you and he have many wonderful adventures and come and visit me one day! Might need to make him a cozzie and bring a sunhat!

    • Thanks for your generous words of support Suzi. It means more than you can even imagine when you come by and leave a comment. I must admit every now and then I get pretty overwhelmed by the power and magic of creating this character. I can not imagine my life without him now. And he for sure needs to take hold of an Australian flag some day and stand on your soil . He packs light. 🙂

    • You are the sweetest ever Valerie. I just love that you came into Wiston’s life at the very beginning. Makes his ( my ) relationship with you pretty special ❤ <3. Big hug from the both of us. Come visit !!!

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  4. Aaaw Sandy, I thought I had seen this post already, but maybe I just saw photos on your FB page. So cute that Wiston has a name… and I recognise that first picture… thanks to Wiston for sharing it with me for my moving back into my newly refurbished home. What a generous mouse he is! ❤

    • Thanks for taking the time to read about the finding of his name Caroline and leaving a message <3. I tried not to share his Welcome home picture until you were back and settled. It was done specifically for you ❤ and your return. We had such fun didn't we :), you were part of his first ever trip !

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