The Lost Sweater

I know I’m starting backwards, but this is the beginning and ending of the story of Wiston’s lost sweater.  If you don’t know who Wiston is you can read about how he come to be in this story .

And if you’re curious about how on earth a mouse called Wiston found his name , you can read about it here.

I will preface this tale by telling you that Wiston has lots of stories and pictures to share from the BIG adventure he took earlier in the summer in and around his experience of going to France.


The intention was to learn how to paint and sketch plein air, meet up with some long time friends and make some new friends along the way .IMG_7505

He got himself in and out of some pickles




It was really quite the experience ,but for now he’s focusing on telling “The Story of the  Lost ( and found Sweater ).

His red and white striped sweater was the first item of clothing he wore really.  You might call it his true ‘birth day’ suit.



When he headed off on this trip he was dressed and ready for what lay ahead , or so he thought.


IMG_7188 IMG_7193

First float plane ride en route to the International airport.






First ride on a jet plane.

Stories in between ,but this is where we pick up the tale of the lost sweater.

Early on in his trip he had been staying in a beautiful place called Saint Martin which was one of the highlights of this whole expedition, but more about that later…IMG_7314

In the mean time somewhere between when he left home and his arrival at the painting retreat he lost his first ever sweater.

In fact if truth be told and as the investigation for the lost sweater unravelled, it turns out that when he was undressing in the back of a van ( his new friend Valerie’s car ), and into his shorts,this is where the pants and sweater when amiss.  It was just too hot for wool and long pants in St. Martin and he had decided to get changed into something cooler.


He was busy taking in the country and the people.  Packing and unpacking from one place to another which is what travelling is all about. Lost luggage or missing items of clothing can be a hazard when you’re away from home and on the move.

When he arrived in time to start painting it was still warm for several days in a row, so he hadn’t even given his sweater a thought. But when he started to unpack and settle in for the retreat is when he realized both sweater and pants were missing.  They were no where to be seen and in fact he couldn’t remember when the last time he’d laid eyes on them.

No worries , another was crafted to fill in the gap.


Lo and behold the lovely new friend who had given him a ride in her van found his clothes in the back seat several weeks after he had been home.                              Thank you Valerie !!

She first sent him this beautiful picture. It was to show off the missing items found in her car and she had taken the time to stage them nestled amongst her hollyhocks. He was thrilled !!



Since she had last been in touch he had been patiently waiting and waiting, knowing it takes time for mail to travel that long distance .But then last week , a package arrived .


DSC_7010 DSC_7012

All the way from France. DSC_7003 DSC_7004 DSC_7005


Assembled with love, wrapped with a beautiful blue bow and inside was the  nicest letter from her.


And guess what .

DSC_7014 DSC_7015 DSC_7016 DSC_7017

It’s back. His first ever sweater and he couldn’t be happier.



Now he’s unloading and sorting photos from this trip and others he’s made over the summer and will be back to share more.





18 thoughts on “The Lost Sweater

  1. oh my gosh…this is the sweetest thing EVER! and you named him backwards too; (as he did not get a name until you returned from your trip!) so this way of tale telling is very appropriate! love this…the images, your story…super GREAT! I can also see this being illustrated. 🙂

    • Crazy I know Sandy. He left home without a name ( or a gender ;O ). It was the first question people would ask ” what’s his name “?.. I just said he is mymouse. I wanted to pull him out of my watercolour art and take him with me to see the sites, but it took coming back home to find just the right name for him. It was harder than naming my kids ! But Wiston is just ‘right’ some how and I don’t think I could have known at the time he was being assembled. Crazy how creativity works don’t you think ? I so appreciate your words of support too Sandy ❤

  2. Aaaaw that’s so adorable that Valerie wrapped his clothes up so beautifully for returning them. I love it Sandy… and I can’t wait to see his adventures with us in St Martin… as well as the ones after that on your painting holiday! ❤

    • He was so keen to thank Valerie for finding his sweater and then for sending it, he just had to say it here in the blog first . Love that you came by to read the start of his stories Suzi. Thank you .

    • Thanks Ellie. He just about dove into that mailing envelope he was so excited and he couldn’t hug it hard enough. I just know that feeling of being reunited with a garment i thought was lost forever …

    • Thanks so much Robin. You’d think that casting on only a few stitches would make it easier but I think it’s trickier when everything is so tiny ! He has a new sweater in the making and he’s pretty excited :O.. lovely colours and it’s going to look great on him .

  3. Love your post and reading about Winston’s story. How lovely that he got his sweater back! I’m looking forward to hearing more about Winston and his wanderings. 🙂

  4. Hi Sandy!

    How wonderful this adventure is! It reminds me of one of my favorite children’s books Edith and Mr. Bear, except those were in BxW and yours have such vibrant colors. I love each and every photograph and seeing what’s going to unfold next. It’s so easy to bond with Wiston…he’s a heart stealer for sure. Thanks for sharing him and your adventures together.



    • So glad you stopped by Victoria. He seems to come to life when I was taking CA … Just saying ;).I’m having so much fun getting to know him. He’s making me laugh for sure. Spoiler alert. Watch for the next instalment in his world . He just brought home two new friends today. Stay tuned for that story.

    • Thank you so much Victoria for lending some support for Wiston and his stories. He’s turned out to be a fun travelling companion that’s for sure. So sweet of you to take the time to leave a message. Hugs back at you .

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