How to Kiss a Fish

Wiston has been having so much fun with his goldfish friends  Finn and Phoebe .

If you missed the part of  their story and how they came to be , you can always catch up by reading it here.




His absolute favourite thing to do these days is sit in his new adirondack chair when the sun comes through the window and watch the two of them chase each other around in the bubbling water.





And every night before the lights go out, he loves to read them a bedtime story..




But Wiston has to go away for a few days and he’s pretty nervous about what to do with Finn and Phoebe while he’s gone.

Will they miss him ?  Do they understand that he would take them if he could ?

Do they know how many hours are in two days in the life of a fish ?


He’s tried to explain to them that it’s only for two sleeps.



And that he’ll be back before they know it.



But by the look on their faces , he’s not sure they understand.




Phoebe just goes to the bottom of the tank when he starts to talk.



But Finn pays attention to every word and seems to know that all will be well. After all , it’s only for two sleeps.



So their home will be moved, but just for two days.  He’ll pack their favourite food and their bedtime books. And the little people living in the house where they’re staying can hardly wait to look after them.

Wiston is pretty happy all in all ,and he knows he’ll have fun where he’s going.

He knows that Finn and Phoebe are in good hands and will be well cared for in his absence.

So goodbye my friends. Behave yourself and look after each other while I’m away.

He’s not sure how you give a fish a kiss. But a hug through the tank will have to do.




See you soon , ” I’ll be back in a couple of days “.


6 thoughts on “How to Kiss a Fish

  1. What a way to set the tone for the start a new day than with a good Wiston story. 🙂 Thank you for making me smile. I just love this little guy, his new fish friends, your storytelling and your photos!! Just too precious.

  2. So thoughtful Suzanne . Glad you are enjoying the Wiston series 🐭. Hope Finn and Phoebe behave themselves .and thank you for compliments on the photos . Hard to get a fish to smile when you say ‘cheese ‘…

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  4. So delightful Sandy. I love reading Wiston’s adventures. I’m not quite sure why but in the first picture I though he had an iPod… but then as I got to the end I realised it was his glasses and a book. I love the way you’ve created lots of different outfits and accessories for hiim. I’m sure he’ll have lots more accessories as his story unfolds…. artist’s easel, paint box, brushes and maybe even knitting needles! LOL xxxx

    • Oh my goodness Caroline. I don’t know how I missed this one :(.. shhh don’t plant ideas in his head. Maybe an iPod would help pass the time between travels , but he’s already asking for a pair of skis for this winter and a fur vest. :O.. It’s getting cold here now and the snow may start sticking to the ground. I’m not sure if mice can ski ( hard to get a helmut to fit over his ears ) and he’s sure to fall a few times. But I think snow shoes could be arranged to fit some how :)..
      Thanks you so much for following his adventures, it means a lot to him .

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