Wiston Hikes Mt. Finlayson


It’s November here in this part of the world and although it’s normally rainy and grey, it was a beautiful weekend recently with lots of sunshine and bright blue skies.

Wiston had wanted to hike up to  Mt . Finlayson for a while and had never seemed to find the time to make it happen.   But with the warmth of the sun and the spawning of the salmon to view along the creek, he decided this was the day.

He was packed for the trip and ready for the hike .


He started out at the base of the climb in amongst the fallen leaves . Blending in so well with the foliage that you have to look twice to see him trying to climb over this mossy log at the beginning of the trail.


You could barely pick him out amongst the colours of  autumn on the forest floor .

The climb was steeper than he had anticipated. He was thankful for long legs and good footwear.


He followed the orange markings embedded in the rock which helped to make sure he didn’t lose his way.


He stopped every now and then to catch his breath, feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy the vistas along the trail .


He tried not to linger too long knowing he still had a way to go before he reached the top of the mountain…

photo 3

But once he made it … wow….

photo 4

The trip up was well worth the effort once he reached the top. He could see all the way to Mt. Ranier in the United States from his vantage point on the peak .  More often than not it’s shrouded in cloud, so this was his lucky day.


photo 2

There is a great blog post here  with more pictures and a wonderful description of the hike and surrounding area written by Darshan Montgomery .  If you have time , have a read.  It’s well worth it.

Wiston hopes you’ve enjoyed hearing about his hike and he’d highly recommend you taking the trip yourself if you’re in his neck of the woods.  On a clear day you can see forever.

Ernest Hemmingway said:

” It is good to have an end to a journey ; but it is the journey that matters in the end “

Happy November ..


10 thoughts on “Wiston Hikes Mt. Finlayson

  1. Aaaw Sandy… I love reading about Wiston’s adventures… and he has such delightful clothing and accessories made by your good self! ❤

    • Thanks for following his adventures Caroline. I must admit his small items of gear are easier to work up than any life size clothing, but harder to keep track of and easier to lose for sure. As you know with his favourite sweater story . And the other day one of his hiking boots almost found it’s way up the vacuum hose. Horror of horrors 🙂

    • So thoughtful Caroline. Thank you for taking time to read and comment here :).. So glad you like Wiston’s ever growing household of clothes and accessories. He’s amassing some warm weather gear at the moment as he prepares for skiing and winter here in his world. I think you’ll get a kick out of those too. Touques over ears are tricky I must say. I think he’ll have to resort to ear muffs . What do you think ?

    • Thanks Esther. He’s been combing his photos from last year, and getting ready to share some more of his adventures. And he’s looking forward to some skiing this winter. Can mice ski ???

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